I’m a passionate photographer of my local area, Tottenham and Walthamstow. After 27 years working for the Foreign Office and travelling the world, I took up my passion full-time and have spent the last two years documenting Tottenham and its surrounding areas. My mission: to capture its hidden beauty and record the rapid changes to its landscape and environment.

Few outside the local community know that Tottenham has some amazing buildings, open spaces, marshes, rivers, locks and wildlife. Or that the father of meteorology and namer of clouds, Luke Howard, lived here and has an English Heritage plaque on his old house. Few know the importance of Tottenham Hale during WW2 with Lebus, the largest furniture maker in Europe, making wings for the Mosquito bomber – walk across the old Ferry Lane bridge and you can still see shrapnel gouges in the brickwork from enemy bombing of the major supply route. Oh, and take a walk in Bruce Castle Park and you’ll see its grand 450 year old oak tree standing proud.

A selection of my photos have been used commercially, displayed in exhibitions, and published locally and nationally. If you do like a particular photo from my website or Instagram (www.instagram.com/simon_braggins/), please contact me and I’d be delighted to sort you out a print, framed or not. And if you’d like to commission any bespoke projects, please let me know.

I have now relocated to the French Alps to take on a new photography challenge – watch this space for some amazing mountain pictures!

Thank you for taking an interest,